Aromatherapy, Essential Oils



“Close Your Eyes
Free Your Mind
Immerse in Aromatic Bliss”

Luxesse is an essence in the Mind collection, one of three, Luxesse, Clear Vibe and Energise. It was inspired by a client who appreciates beauty in the everyday and home based self-care.

Since I designed this for her, the recipe reminds a secret between the two of us, but I’m sharing it with those who’d like to experience one of the most transformation blends I’ve ever created.

My other passion is reading, and while making this I was delightfully distracted by edition three of Elementum, a journal of nature and writing which arrived in the midst of this creative spell. A blend of new writing & visual arts exploring the natural world. To learn more about my literary interests you can visit me at Word by Word.

Allow Yourself a Little Luxury in Your Own Home

Available in 5ml/10ml for €5/€8 or larger sizes by request (15ml/30ml)