A Flairesse Bliss Treatment

A Blissful Room

CIMG4768You decide the most blissful place for your massage, whether it’s a warm, cosy room indoors, or in the warmth of the Provence summer, it could be a pleasant spot outdoors.

I bring the table, fluffy white towels, blankets if it is in the cooler months and a range of both essential oils and vegetable oils.

“As if visiting the south of France wasn’t wonderful enough, the in-house aromatherapy massage was like “the icing on the cake” and trust me, as an award-winning pastry chef, I know all about good icing!”

Tracy De Witt, Phoenix, Arizona

Photo0624A Personalised Blend of Organic Essential Oils

I will choose a blend of essential oils depending on whether you want relaxing, energising, grounding or a refreshing blend and taking into account anything you share with me during the consultation.

Swedish Massage & Acupressure

Starting lying face down, covered by the towels, the treatment begins by applying your personal blend of oils in a back massage using the healing techniques of Swedish massage and Acupressure.

Swedish Massage stimulates the circulation, increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and release toxins from the muscle.

Acupressure massage uses the fingers and thumbs to stimulate points along the body’s energetic meridians to activate the body’s energy, boost the immune system as well as to alleviate tension, stress, aches and pains.

A Holistic Treatment

From the back to the back of legs, then you roll onto your back, always covered with the towels for a neck and shoulder massage, head, face, arms, hands, legs and we finish with the luxurious and therapeutic foot massage.


“The massage was just what I needed to bring my vacation into pure relaxation mode. I liked the wonderful and relaxing scents and the pressure could be easily adjusted to meet my needs. One of the best parts, was not having to travel in a car right after the massage, the convenience of in-house therapy can lead to the best post massage nap time! Pure heaven on earth!”

Tracy De Witt, Phoenix, Arizona


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