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Mother and Daughter, BAC to Back, Introductory Massage Treatment

Is your daughter studying for the BAC, thinking about the future, filling in applications?

exam stress

Allow the occasion to create an unforgettable bonding experience between you, all in the quiet of your own familiar environment and without the time constraints of a clinic.

neck massageIntroduce her early to care for and give something back to the body, to reduce stress and eliminate tension.

Reduce anxiety and restore your equilibrium with a therapeutic aromatherapy massage in your own home. Let your mind rest, enter into the quiet non-thinking zone a while.

€160 Mother and Daughter Twin Treatment Package (includes 2 massages)

  • essential oil blenda 90 minute full body massage treatment with essential oils for Mother
  • an introductory one hour massage for Daughter (or son)
  • Specially prepared essential oils for relaxation, concentration, insomnia
  • Swedish massage and Acupressure to remove tension, balance energy channels
  • Includes a 5ml essential oil blend to keep, to remind you of your treatment

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Mother Daughter




Giving Something Back, Nurture the Body With Massage

Words aren’t as important as presence in giving a holistic massage.

It is important to listen, sometimes to the voice, always to the body, whose messages are more subtle, hidden, almost shy, like they don’t want to bother anyone.

Its whispers are less than a flutter, like the smallest breeze.

We use our body all day, every day and push it to cooperate, often taking pride in its ability to cope with little or no complaint.

backacheIt can be something of a slave and too often, rather than nurture it, we push it to breaking point, ignoring the stresses, the niggles of discomfort that lead towards a state of disequilibrium.

Massage allows us to give something back, to release tension and stress from the body, to reconnect with the layers beneath the surface, to tune in and appreciate it for all it does for us.

Give something back, allow your body the benefit of a massage.