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“Close Your Eyes
Free Your Mind
Immerse in Aromatic Bliss”

Luxesse is an essence in the Mind collection, one of three, Luxesse, Clear Vibe and Energise. It was inspired by a client who appreciates beauty in the everyday and home based self-care.

Since I designed this for her, the recipe reminds a secret between the two of us, but I’m sharing it with those who’d like to experience one of the most transformation blends I’ve ever created.

My other passion is reading, and while making this I was delightfully distracted by edition three of Elementum, a journal of nature and writing which arrived in the midst of this creative spell. A blend of new writing & visual arts exploring the natural world. To learn more about my literary interests you can visit me at Word by Word.

Allow Yourself a Little Luxury in Your Own Home

Available in 5ml/10ml for €5/€8 or larger sizes by request (15ml/30ml)









Aromatherapy, Essential Oils

Divine Feminine


“Unleash the Creative Spirit,

Tap into the Divine,

Express Your Gifts,

Dance to the Sacred Rhythm of Life.”

Divine Feminine is an energetically healing blend, designed to awaken the creative feminine energy in you.

It contains Jasmine, Verveine, Geranium, Rosewood, Lavender, & Frankincense in Camellia & Evening Primrose oil. 

A gift to your sacred self. 

Available in 5ml/10ml for €5/€8 or larger sizes by request (15ml/30ml)



Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Massage

Passé un jour inoubliable chez vous

Les soins se dérouleront chez vous à l’intérieur d’une pièce installé sur ma table de massage, recouverte d’une grande serviette éponge blanc et moelleuse.

Une heure et demi de pure détente et de plaisir chez vous, avec l’arôme d’un mélange aux huiles essentielles personnalisé, un échange d’énergie magique et revitalisant.

Vous serez transporté dans un état de pure relaxation, rééquilibre et moins de tension, stresse, angoisse qu’avant.

Ce n’est pas juste un plaisir, c’est une nécessité de redonner au corps son état d’équilibre, le remercier pour tout ce qu’il fait pour nous.

Je pratique le massage suédois, bien pour les muscles, enlève les toxines, améliore la circulation et l’acupression, elle débloque et revitalise l’énergie du corps.

Le mélange des huiles aromatiques aux propriétés thérapeutiques merveilleuses, régénère d’un équilibre revitalisant dû aux effets d’un soin modelage complet du corps tout en restant chez vous.

Aromatherapy, Massage

Mother and Daughter, BAC to Back, Introductory Massage Treatment

Is your daughter studying for the BAC, thinking about the future, filling in applications?

exam stress

Allow the occasion to create an unforgettable bonding experience between you, all in the quiet of your own familiar environment and without the time constraints of a clinic.

neck massageIntroduce her early to care for and give something back to the body, to reduce stress and eliminate tension.

Reduce anxiety and restore your equilibrium with a therapeutic aromatherapy massage in your own home. Let your mind rest, enter into the quiet non-thinking zone a while.

€160 Mother and Daughter Twin Treatment Package (includes 2 massages)

  • essential oil blenda 90 minute full body massage treatment with essential oils for Mother
  • an introductory one hour massage for Daughter (or son)
  • Specially prepared essential oils for relaxation, concentration, insomnia
  • Swedish massage and Acupressure to remove tension, balance energy channels
  • Includes a 5ml essential oil blend to keep, to remind you of your treatment

Make an appointment now for your twin massage treatments, and don’t forget to share with and tell your friends!

Email Claire McAlpine at to arrange a time,


Mother Daughter



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Perfectly Provence Profiles Flairesse

Flairesse’s Claire McAlpine featured in Perfectly Provence:

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A Journey from Hobbiton to Provence


Thank you kindly Carolyne for sharing Flairesse and Word by Word through Perfectly Provence.